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‘Today's actions shape tomorrow's world'

By Katerina Pegg

This year’s poetry competition organised by COBIS is focused on the theme of how our actions affect the environment and the future of the world. Our year 7 and year 8 students tried to interpret this theme in their English lessons by writing poems. The following two poems are a very good example of some of the students’ thoughts and ideas of what this theme means to them. Enjoy reading the poems!


Humans are failing 

The ice disappearing melting and fading,

While we stand and watch,

Faster, and faster while we lay on our comfy couch,

Animals dying,

All thanks to us.


Wildfires are spreading, deadly flames surging up,

California and Australia,

Who’s next? Maybe you, burning in silence,

Passively accepting your fate,

All thanks to us.


Temperatures rising, the earth is sweating like an Olympic athlete,

Animals dying, 

But we are just on the beach lying getting hotter and hotter.

And we will soon die,

All thanks to us.


And now for technology coming up strong, 

Dangerous, cruel,

Phones become addicting as we watch all night long.

We’ll be zombies, grab and hold on,

All thanks to us.


Depression and anxiety watching over our friends’ lives

While scrolling through facebook,

Our eyes disappearing we’re all going blind.

Our sleep disappearing,

All thanks to us.


Robots will conquer, we will fall to our knees,

And we will be slaves,

Skynet goes rising, that's not what we need,

terminators firing.

The human race ends but we disagree,

All thanks to us.


Overpopulation is a problem by itself,

Running out of food,

Our grandkids dying of hunger, 

All thanks to us.


Out dear Earth is running out of space to keep us,

Cities everywhere now,

Farmers losing their precious crops that they need to survive,

Pollution is going to rise,

All thanks to us.


All of our animals will lose their homes,

Most of them extinct,

Like they were never there in the first place,

All thanks to us.


Greedy people slowly overruling our only home,

better know as politicians,

rich leaders becoming richer and unstoppable than ever,

the poor becoming poorer,

All thanks to us.


Corrupt leaders corrupting the countries they were raised in,

money disappearing from all,

people moving out of their motherland to live a normal life,

migrating to better land,

All thanks to us.


Wars starting over a couple of dollars or one feeling hurt,

Ukraine and Russia perfect example,

mothers crying when their sons don’t return,

All thanks to us.

Maksym Khomyn year 8 student

The World is in Our hands


Tell me, if I’m seeing right,

Take a look at what is happening...


China overpopulating,

India overpopulating,

‘Till there is no space left.

One child only allowed,

Isn't this a freedom theft?

One point three billion 

is  China's population.

This is overpopulation,

Even for such a big nation.


India is not much better,

One point four billion.

But unlike China

-Though it’s only my opinion-

They only care about their religion.

Though what are they going to do,

That is not up to me and you.


The world is in our own hands,

Still, look at where it stands...

Australia’s forests,

Australia’s animals, 

Australia’s homes.


The fires aren’t like wires anymore,

Two thousand houses-gone

One billion animals- gone

Thirteen million acres of land full of living,

Are gone.

Then why are we doing so little?

Why is there so much damage?

Kangaroos fighting for their life,

Birds fighting for their life,

Koalas fighting for their life,

And other beings of the wildlife

Are trying to save themselves.

Human kind has to try more-

Or Australia will be burnt down to the core.


The world is in our hands,

Still look at where it stands.


The sea is crying,

Because its coral reefs are dying.

Pollution is immensely bad for them.

Coral mining is bad bad bad,

Overfishing is bad bad bad,

Digging of underwater canals is bad bad bad,

The increasing temperatures are bad bad bad,

The heat does only add.

Do we not want air to breathe?

Do we not want the Great Barrier reef?

Do we not want fish to have a place to live?

Why are we doing so little?

When the world is in our hands,

Just look at where it stands.

                 Natalie Kralova, year 8 student


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