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Written by Amaiur Retegi  (Y9 student)
Translated by Roman Navrátil (Y10 student)

In our Y9/ Y10 class we made a science project with Ms Jana (our science teacher) for a competition.The competition was called the Breakthrough junior challenge. It's a competition where you make a video about Physics, Maths or Living science. The criteria for winning is:  most creative and the most engaging video.

Last year we made a video for the same competition and we got to the second round; that's when we got inspired to make another video this year.

This year we chose the topic nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is a technology that deals with dimensions smaller than 100 nanometers. It also manipulates individual atoms and molecules.

First, to create the video we had to think about making the video more engaging. We decided to change the places for filming, continuously, and have more videos and less text. We recorded all around our school for two weeks and then Roman Navratil (Y10 student) edited the whole video.

After submitting the video, we got an email telling us that we were better than 50% of the competitors. More than 8 000 people entered the competition so that means we were better than 4000  people. :-)

The winner will be announced on the  3rd of December and the ceremony will be in America.

Here is our science video:

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