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The Year 2 students have had some unique opportunities in IPC and are looking forward to an interesting IPC Exit Point in November.


The Year 2 students have had some unique opportunities in IPC and are looking forward to an interesting IPC Exit Point in November.

This term, they have been learning about communication in their IPC Unit called Media Magic. Currently, they are excited to hear back from our new penpals in an international school in Moscow, Russia. We wrote letters in mid-October to a class of students whose teacher was Ms. Bekah’s classmate at university in the USA. The Year 2 students wrote to their penpals to communicate some things about Czech culture, as well as their own native cultures (Slovenia, America, Italy, India, Finland). We are eager to hear back from the students in Russia about the culture in Moscow and in their native countries as well. We might even keep writing to our penpals throughout the year to learn more about other places, perspectives, and to develop friendships across cultural differences and geographical borders.

In November, the whole class will take a trip to the Radio station for Czech Radio Olomouc in the city center. This will be our Exit Point for the Media Magic IPC Unit. The kind broadcasters and station manager offered to take us on a tour of the station and teach us about how they use their tools and talents to communicate with other people, the city of Olomouc, and the world! We might even have the chance to try recording news segments, too!

We hope that these experiences the Year 2 students are having will really enlighten their understanding of communication. Through the challenges of IPC group work and trying to communicate across differences in opinion and preference, these students are learning cooperation, resilience, morality, respect, thoughtfulness, and adaptability. Hopefully, we have finished the unit as better communicators than we were before we started.

We have recorded movie soundtracks, made costumes for characters, designed props for a lego movie, painted moods and emotions, learned about the inventors/inventions that have changed communication for the world, learned codes like Morse code and languages like American Sign Language and “dog”, discovered the science of sound, made Public Service Announcement posters to help our community members resolve conflicts, and so much more! Bonus: we are also having lots of FUN!

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