iSchool is a private British school operating in Olomouc

The school follows rules that are described in a number of school policies.

Each policy is binding for particular target groups for which it has been written. The school updates each policy on a regular basis to comply with standards for British schools overseas.

Here you can view or download a few of our policies. If you would like to see any additional ones, please, book a meeting with the school's management who will provide you with them.

School Policies to download

How do we differ from local schools?

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School philosophy

We will teach your child to read, write and count. While at iSchool, their English will become their second native language. (Brilliant, perfect..)

Teaching independent thinking, responsibility and learning support is just a cherry on top.

20. 7. 2021

Our donation to World Wildlife Fund

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30. 6. 2021

End of the academic year 20/21

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28. 6. 2021

The Executive Spy

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7. 6. 2021

Olomouc Summer School

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2. 6. 2021

Academic calendars 21/22

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