iSchool is a private British school operating in Olomouc

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New buildings and facilities for the development of British international school in Olomouc.

In autumn 2015, we moved our primary and secondary school to a new location at Sokolovska 76/6 in Olomouc, Klášterní Hradisko. With a 460 000 EUR investment, we transformed the previous science research centre into a beautiful property for our primary and secondary school.

In 2016 the school purchased the land and the buildings from the city of Olomouc and completed further investments into Preschool buildings and playgrounds.

Further funding was used to purchase new equipment, technologies, to develop the canteen, science lab and we are in the process of further improvements.

Brand new and beautiful 1.6 acres sports field has been developed together with a playground with tarmac surface placed in a heated tent.

The school is surrounded by trees and green areas which we maintain with great care. Children have a great opportunity to learn and play outdoors. Parents have easy access to the grounds. It takes only 5 minutes by car to get to school from the city centre.

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School philosophy

We will teach your child to read, write and count. While at iSchool, their English will become their second native language. (Brilliant, perfect..)

Teaching independent thinking, responsibility and learning support is just a cherry on top.

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