iSchool is a private British school operating in Olomouc

Petr Pospíšil
Petr Pospíšil head of school

As Executive Director Petr is responsible for the development of International School Olomouc and for the day to day running of the Primary and Secondary Schools. After receiving his BA in Political Science & International Relations at Charles University (Czech Republic) and spending a year at the Ma More astricht University (Netherlands) as part of an Erasmus programme, he relocated to England where he completed his Masters in Classical & Ancient Studies at the prestigious Durham University (UK). Upon returning to his native Czech Republic, Petr co-founded International School Olomouc and has been Executive Director since its opening in 2008. He has built the school into one of the leading British international schools in the Czech Republic being a proud member of COBIS (Council of British International Schools) and a registered Cambridge International School. Petr has more recently complimented his educational leadership by completing his Master of Education at the Open University (UK). Outside of school, Petr is a keen historian, equestrian and traveller. His motto is his trust in individual abilities of all and belief that with a little effort everybody can be successful. Less

Markéta Pospíšilová Musiolová
Markéta Pospíšilová Musiolová head of preschool

Markéta is responsible for running of the preschool and teaches in both nursery and reception classes. Markéta spent over two years in the UK where she studied English and worked with children in various positions, which she found enriching. She possesses BA in Early Years from the Open University. Markéta comes from Havířov, a town in Northern Moravia. Away from school, Markéta enjoys yoga, cycling, swimming and travelling.

Barbora Vraštilová
Barbora Vraštilová deputy head

Bára graduated as a secondary teacher of English and Civics from Palacký University and started working at the school in 2012. She has worked as an au-pair in England. During that time she completely fell in love with the culture and she visits very frequently ever since. More She has experience in working as a training manager and assistant director in an international company and also as a volunteer teacher in the children’s home in Olomouc. She has recently moved from Olomouc to the countryside and lives in a 19th century cottage. She loves baking cakes, vintage furniture and fashion. She enjoys being part of the development process of her students and she believes that everyone can be successful. Apart from her tasks as a class teacher and deputy head teacher, she is in charge of the school’s personal development program and connected to that also the Student Council and the House system. Less

Tereza Zemanová
Tereza Zemanová teacher & czech coordinator

Tereza joined the school in 2008. She graduated from Palacký University in Olomouc and is a qualified primary and lower secondary teacher. She also studied in Sweden, spent a few months in England and lived several years in Ireland. Tereza has been running the MP II and III classes, and is a Czech programme and Behaviour coordinator. She loves music, her dog companions, dog agility and dog dancing.

Katerina Pegg
Katerina Pegg Y4 classteacher & english coordinator

Katerina graduated as a teacher of English language and literature in 2008 from Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Macedonia. She also acquired a Master’s degree in English language and literature. More Kate started her teaching career in Macedonian state primary/secondary schools, as well as leading ESL classes in private language schools. Kate joined our school in 2010 and is the English subject coordinator, and English teacher across mileposts. She is also in charge of the Cambridge examinations. She is a flexible teacher who believes in children’s natural curiosity in learning new concepts. Kate is a book enthusiast, enjoys running, cycling with her son, and watching football with her husband. Less

Janita Itäniemi
Janita Itäniemi teacher & Maths coordinator

Janita has degrees in primary education (Denmark) and English language teaching (Scotland). She has engaged in teaching and education related projects in four different continents since she moved away from her native country, Finland, in 1999. She believes that each child is a unique individual whose presence enriches the learning environment for all.

Bekah O’Brien
Bekah O’Brien Y2 classteacher & IPC coordinator

Bekah graduated from Taylor University (US) with a BA in Elementary Education. She taught for two years in Illinois, but moved to Olomouc with her husband in 2016. Czech has been a second home to her since her first trip in 2010 to teach at English camps, which she enjoyed for six summers. More She has always loved being around children and especially enjoys the opportunity to help them grow and enjoy learning. Her favorite title besides “teacher” is “Auntie Bekah” to her niece and nephew. She enjoys cats, baking, visiting new places, playing board games, and decorating her classroom with foxes and owls. Less

Agnieszka Landowska
Agnieszka Landowska Y5/6 classteacher & art teacher

Agnieszka has graduated in Theatre studies at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow and School of Visual Arts in Gdynia. For several years during her studies she was working as an instructor at various children's camps, such as art, theatre and fashion camps. Currently she is doing her PhD at Palacký University. She is a big fan of Czech humour, Jára Cimrman Theatre and Hrabal's books. She loves drawing, painting, designing jewellery and travelling just with her backpack.

Iva Tenorová
Iva Tenorová czech teacher

Iva graduated in History and Czech Philology at Palacky University in Olomouc. She accomplished her postgraduate studies by passing rigorous examination. As a teacher, she has experience in various levels of education, but mainly in secondary schools. She also led didactics of Czech language and literature courses at the Faculty of Arts, UP. Iva enjoys literature, sci-fi movies, ballet performances and growing flowers.

Dana Šmajstrlová
Dana Šmajstrlová History teacher & After school club leader

Dana graduated as a secondary teacher of Civics and History at Palacký University. Now she is a postgraduate student of History at Faculty of Arts. She has been a leader of the children group Royal Rangers since 2006. Apart from history, Dana likes sports, especially volleyball and hiking.

Ladislava Livingstone
Ladislava Livingstone preschool headteacher

Ladislava is a children's nurse, who has also studied music-therapy and has certifications for teaching English to children, which she has been doing for the last ten years. She has extensive experience teaching children both in local schools and for the Helen Doron organization.

Ladislava Špalkova
Ladislava Špalkova preschool teacher

Laďka graduated from the Faculty of Physical Culture at Palacký University in Olomouc. Now she is a student of Pedagogical Faculty at UP in Olomouc. During her studies she organized various children's camps and children's days. More After her studies she spent some time in New Zealand and Great Britain. Then she got the opportunity to work at the Prague British School as a teaching assistant and a teacher of the Czech program. She enjoys time with her two sons, she likes yoga and anything that has to do with art. Less

Zdena Janhubová
Zdena Janhubová special educational needs coordinator

Zdeňka is in charge of providing learning support for children with special educational needs. She graduated from The Faculty of Education in Olomouc. Her studies were finished with rigorous exam and later on she completed her qualification with Psychology studies and psychotherapeutic course. Zdenka leads private practice focused on consultancy, therapy and special education.

Monika Beková
Monika Beková Art club teacher

Monika studied Art Education at Palacký University in Olomouc. Since then she continued as PhD student for a few years. She has been an Art Club teacher at ISO since 2012 and she also teaches in some other schools. Monika is also a curator of Galerie W7, which is connected with theater “Divadlo na cucky”.

Jitka  Young
Jitka Young Y1 classteacher

Jitka has a Master's Degree in English and Spanish from Palacky University in Olomouc, as well as a Master's Degree in Applied Linguistics and TESOL from the University of Leicester in the UK. Apart from the Czech Republic and the UK, she lived and worked in the Middle East for 16 years, teaching Eng More lish in several British international schools in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. She received her CELTA teaching qualification from the International House in London and is a certified tutor of an Australian ESL teacher development course. Jitka's favourite pastime is planning her next holiday, especially if it involves the beaches of Spain. Less

Eleni Kefala
Eleni Kefala Y3 classteacher

Eleni graduated from National Kapodistrian University of Athens with a degree in English language and literature and a major in Applied Linguistics. She spent one semester abroad studying in the Faculty of Education in Palacky University of Olomouc and she completed her practice in the Faculty of Art More s. She has worked as an ESL teacher in language schools and private classes. She enjoys working with children and she believes in the power of promoting the international mindedness among them. She loves dogs, travelling and exploring new ideas and places. Her favourite hobby is taking and editing photos. Less

Lucimara Knuckles
Lucimara Knuckles PE Teacher & Dance

I moved to Olomouc from Brazil. Prior to this I had lived and taught for 12 years in the Uk where I worked in The International Schools of London and in the American School of Hillingdon teaching Primary and Secondary students, I also worked in Doha and Brazil where I coach handball one of my pass More ions as side of any shape or form of Dance. I addition, I have a pos-graduation in Literature and I have been working as a examiner for IBO and Cambridge for the last 8 years. In my spare time I enjoy dancing, travel, hiking and performing dance and drama. In addition, I speak Spanish, English and Portuguese; I would like to learn Czech maybe this will be my next goal. Less

Petra Leonhardtová
Petra Leonhardtová preschool teacher

Petra graduated in early childhood education from SPgŠ Prachatice. She lived several years in Germany, where she worked as a professional nanny. She moved to USA in 2000 and worked in a private sector. In her free time she volunteered as a child caretaker at a Christian academy. Petra likes to play volleyball, hiking and traveling.

Lenka Mikulicová
Lenka Mikulicová Y7/8 classteacher

Lenka studied the Faculty of Economics and Administration at Pardubice University and thanks to the State Language Exam in English, FCE of Cambridge and her half-a-year long stay in London she started to work in a different field - as a teacher of English at a grammar school. More After a year she realized she couldn’t imagine a work different from the one with children. That’s why she then studied Pedagogy at Palackeho University and English at philosophical faculty of Ostrava University. She taught at different types of schools and in courses for both children and adults. Thanks to her economical knowledge she joined many international project, exchange stays, organisation of educational projects for children and also adults and travelled to many European countries with pupils. In our school she works as a Y7/8 class teacher and an assistant helping with administration. She believes that every human should be given a chance and that work with children helps her to stay young in mind. She has two kids and two cats at home and in her free time she likes to read, create and travel Less

Markéta  Šemberová
Markéta Šemberová Czech for foreigners

Markéta is a teacher of Czech language for foreigners. She graduated in Dutch language and Economics but after her master she transferred to the Faculty of Education at Palacky University where she continues with PhD studies. In her dissertation she researches students from different sociocultural backgrounds. Markéta enjoys sports, literature, travelling and meeting new people.

Josef Stancl
Josef Stancl Music/Piano teacher

Josef graduated as a secondary teacher of German language and Music at Palacký University. Now he is a postgraduate student of Music and German language at Faculty of Education. He also teaches German in a Language school in Brno. He likes music (he plays piano and guitar) and sports, especially ice-hockey and football

Rostislav  Pospíšil
Rostislav Pospíšil Computing Teacher/ Media Club teacher

Rosta is studying Arts and English language teaching at the Faculty of Education at Palacký university. In free time he enjoys playing the guitar or printing in a graphic studio. Apart from International school he works in Pevnost poznání in the art section.

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