iSchool is a private British school operating in Olomouc

Petr Pospíšil
Petr Pospíšil Proprietor

Petr is responsible for the development of International School Olomouc and for the day to day running of the Primary and Secondary Schools. After receiving his BA in Political Science & International Relations at Charles University (Czech Republic) and spending a year at the Maastricht University (N More etherlands) as part of an Erasmus programme, he relocated to England where he completed his Masters in Classical & Ancient Studies at the prestigious Durham University (UK). Upon returning to his native Czech Republic, Petr co-founded International School Olomouc and has been Executive Director since its opening in 2008. He has built the school into one of the leading British international schools in the Czech Republic being a proud member of COBIS (Council of British International Schools) and a registered Cambridge International School. Petr has more recently complimented his educational leadership by completing his Master of Education at the Open University (UK). Outside of school, Petr is a keen historian, equestrian and traveller. His motto is his trust in individual abilities of all and belief that with a little effort everybody can be successful. Less

Markéta Pospíšilová Musiolová
Markéta Pospíšilová Musiolová Head of Preschool

Markéta spent over two years in the UK where she studied English and worked with children in various positions, which she found enriching. She possesses BA in Early Years from the Open University. Markéta comes from Havířov, a town in Northern Moravia. Away from school, Markéta enjoys yoga, cycling, swimming and travelling.

Eva Pluskalová
Eva Pluskalová Head of School

Eva has a degree in Primary Education from Palacký University in Olomouc, later followed by a primary English language teaching qualification. She has worked both as a primary and secondary teacher. She also has experience working with children with Special Educational Needs. More In the past she spent three years working as a school inspector and six years as the head of a nursery and primary school. During her career in education she has taken part in a number of school exchange schemes, visiting Finland, Belgium, Turkey, Great Britain, Poland and other countries. Although Eva loves her job, she always finds the time to pursue her other interests. These include travelling, with Canada being her favourite destination. The best way of spending her free time is in the company of her dog Riley. Less

Janita Itäniemi
Janita Itäniemi Y5 Class Teacher & Math Coordinator

Janita has degrees in primary education (Denmark) and English language teaching (Scotland). She has engaged in teaching and education related projects in four different continents since she moved away from her native country, Finland, in 1999. She believes that each child is a unique individual whose presence enriches the learning environment for all.

Katerina Pegg
Katerina Pegg English coordinator

Katerina graduated as a teacher of English language and literature in 2008 from Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Macedonia. She also acquired a Master’s degree in English language and literature. More Kate started her teaching career in Macedonian state primary/secondary schools, as well as leading ESL classes in private language schools. Kate joined our school in 2010 and is the English subject coordinator, and English teacher across mileposts. She is also in charge of the Cambridge examinations. She is a flexible teacher who believes in children’s natural curiosity in learning new concepts. Kate is a book enthusiast, enjoys running, cycling with her son, and watching football with her husband. Less

Barbora Vraštilová
Barbora Vraštilová Deputy Head of School

Bára graduated as a secondary teacher of English and Civics from Palacký University and started working at the school in 2012. She has worked as an au-pair in England. During that time she completely fell in love with the culture and she visits very frequently ever since. More She has experience in working as a training manager and assistant director in an international company and also as a volunteer teacher in the children’s home in Olomouc. She has recently moved from Olomouc to the countryside and lives in a 19th century cottage. She loves baking cakes, vintage furniture and fashion. She enjoys being part of the development process of her students and she believes that everyone can be successful. During the last years, Bára was also a deputy head of the school and she really enjoyed this job. Therefore she is partly working from home nowadays while being a on a maternity leave. Less

Eleni Kefala
Eleni Kefala Y3 class teacher & IPC Coordinator

Eleni graduated from National Kapodistrian University of Athens with a degree in English language and literature and a major in Applied Linguistics. She spent one semester abroad studying in the Faculty of Education in Palacky University of Olomouc and she completed her teaching practice in the Facul More ty of Arts. She then gained her Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) from the University of Cumbria (UK). She has been in our school since 2017 as a Milepost 2 teacher. She enjoys working with children and believes in the power of promoting the international mindedness among them. Less

Petra Leonhardtová
Petra Leonhardtová Preschool Head Teacher

Petra graduated from early childhood education from SPgŠ Prachatice. She lived several years in Germany, where she worked professionally as a nanny. She moved to the US in 2000 where she worked in the private sector. In her free time, she volunteered as a child caretaker at a Christian academy. Petra likes playing volleyball, hiking and traveling.

Monika Hrušková
Monika Hrušková Upper Secondary, FLEXI Program Coordinator & Czech Teacher

Monika has a bachelor's degree in Journalism from Palacky University in Olomouc. She then graduated in Czech philology and Culture studies, while doing a teaching qualification for Czech language and literature at the same time. More She also spent a semester in Erfurt, Germany where she was a student of program Media for children and youth. Monika has worked in the media and also as a teacher of Czech for foreigners at a previous language school and integrative centre for foreigners. She is interested in sports and that's why she has been involved with football her whole life! Less

Eva Matoušková
Eva Matoušková Preschool Teacher

Eva studied in Olomouc. She lived in America for 8 years. She also worked there as a nanny. Eva has traveled to many different countries and then she went on maternity leave. She has experience in teaching kids and preparing activities for their leisure time. Eva enjoys literature, nature, travelling.

Jitka Young
Jitka Young Y2 Class Teacher

Jitka has a Master's Degree in English and Spanish from Palacky University in Olomouc, as well as a Master's Degree in Applied Linguistics and TESOL from the University of Leicester in the UK. Apart from the Czech Republic and the UK, she lived and worked in the Middle East for 16 years, teaching Eng More lish in several British international schools in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. She received her CELTA teaching qualification from the International House in London and is a certified tutor of an Australian ESL teacher development course. Jitka's favourite pastime is planning her next holiday, especially if it involves the beaches of Spain. Less

Barbora Daníčková
Barbora Daníčková Y7/8 Class Teacher & ESL Teacher

Barbora graduated with a master's degree in History and English Philology from Faculty of Arts at Palacky University. During her master's studies she spent a semester abroad studying history at the University of Lincoln, UK. More She previously worked as a lecturer and edutainer in an interactive museum in Olomouc where she lectured educating programmes for children about various historical topics across primary and secondary level. Barbora is happy and excited to work in a school like ISO. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, reading, watching movies and hanging out with her friends and family. Less

Jake Lewis
Jake Lewis Y6 class teacher

Jake has obtained a degree in children and young people’s learning development and has also completed his PGCE and gained QTS. Jake specialises in outdoor education and cross-curricula teaching and has extensive experience working with multiple year groups. More In addition, Jake has vital experience working with EAL children and children with special educational needs. His hobbies are music, reading, fitness, martial arts and the great outdoors. He likes to combine outdoor education with indoor teaching in order to provide a rich multi-sensory education that all children can enjoy safely and to encourage positive mental health. Jake loves travelling and experiencing different cultures, of which is used to better educational outcomes for children of multiple nationalities. Less

Chloe Ritchie
Chloe Ritchie Afterschool Club Leader & teacher

Chloe has an undergraduate degree in Education and Childhood Studies and has just completed her PGCE. Her specialism includes working with children with EAL as it was a focus for her dissertation and she worked in Strasbourg as an au pair. More She also volunteered in an international school whilst there. She loves reading as a hobby and would love to bring that into her classroom. She also takes interest in child and adolescent health and well-being and would like to bring that into her own classroom to encourage positive mental health. She loves travelling with her favourite location being Cuba and looks forward to exploring more of Europe. She’s very excited to be starting her role at the International School Olomouc and working with a wonderful team and parents. Less

Bojana Kotur

Bojana comes from Bosnia and Herzegovina where she earned her university degree. Bojana is interested in special education and children’s rights and she has participated in different projects in Bosnia and the United States where she received a TESL certificate. She joined our school in 2012 as a preschool teacher.

Lenka Ponížilová
Lenka Ponížilová Teacher for Czech as a Second Language

Lenka obtained her master's in primary education and English at Palacký University in Olomouc, where she subsequently completed her studies in teaching English for secondary schools. She has experience teaching different age groups; at language schools, she taught English to both children and post-s More econdary students and adults. Since 2016, she has been teaching English language didactics at the Faculty of Education at Palacký University. Lenka is a person who is not afraid of change, she always welcomes a new challenge and constructive feedback, and likes to expand her horizons. Pupils come first during her lessons and she tries to create a stimulating climate in the classroom for their learning and development. Less

Milan Hadáček
Milan Hadáček Teaching assistant

Milan graduated as an industrial designer in 2008 from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Brno. He is a creative, technically inclined person who likes working with people of all ages. In the past, he spent several summer holidays abroad as an animator for children aged from 5 to 15. More Computers are a job and a hobby for him. In his adult years, he has tutored children, adults and seniors on how to improve their computer skills for work and leisure. Among other things, he is a big fan of the Apple brand and owns a large collection of these computers. He would soon like to launch a Museum which would include exhibitions of old types of computers and a computer club. Milan loves music, DJing and VJing. He likes to come up with new improvements for technology industries, 3D printing & community projects. He has traveled a lot and is currently in the process of settling in the countryside with his wife and son. Less

Leighton Edwards
Leighton Edwards IT manager

Leighton comes from the United Kingdom and has a Software Engineering degree from University of Portsmouth. He brings his experience over from the UK into an IT manager and computing teacher role. Besides his interest in coding and computers, Leighton is a dedicated rugby player and runs Rugby Club for pupils throughout the school year.

Michaela Filipi
Michaela Filipi Czech teacher

Michaela has a Master’s degree in Czech Philology and History from Palacky University in Olomouc. She then continued her studies focusing on Czech literature and the work of poet Frantisek Hrubin. She completed a course called ‘Respect and Be Respected’ and she strives to treat others following its ethos. In her spare time she likes to read and go for walks in the countryside as well as around interesting cities.

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