iSchool is a private British school operating in Olomouc

At ISO, the school year is divided into three terms. First is from September to Christmas, second from January to Easter and last term runs from Easter to end of June.

We offer different types of attendance across preschool depending on how old your child is.

Full or half day attendance

According to your needs, you can select a whole day or half day programme for the term. Full day attendance will provide your child with a complete care and learning experience. This scheme is for children who are 3 years and older. 

Full day programme per year = 160 500 CZK 
Half day programme per year = 97 920 CZK

Selected days
(Option only for pre-nursery children aged 2-3)
Full or half day attendance

For our youngest 2-3 year old children in pre-nursery class, it is possible to opt for our ‘selected days’ attendance.

You can choose 1 or more days in a week that your child will attend preschool and can opt into it for a full or half day attendance.

*Selected days are always billed and if a child is absent and properly excused they are offered substitute days.

Single full day visit -765 CZK
Single half day visit - 470 CZK

Summer Holiday Club

For our youngest children, we also offer a holiday club that runs in July and August. This gives the children an opportunity to spend more time with other children in a playful and nourishing environment of our school grounds.

Preschool fees do not include the cost of school meals, extracurricular clubs, theatre tickets, trips etc. For complete Tuition Fees list, see here.

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School philosophy

Everything that I really need to know, I learned in preschool
…R. Fulghum

and we do everything we can so that even the youngest children are happy with us.

17. 5. 2024

Educational project for International School Olomouc

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17. 4. 2024

Tuition fees 2024/2025

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31. 1. 2024

Academic dates 2024/2025

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22. 12. 2023

Merry Christmas!

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20. 12. 2023

School's Christmas performance

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18. 12. 2023

Preschool's Christmas concert

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17. 11. 2023

Czech Day

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2. 10. 2023

Autumn Camp

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12. 9. 2023

Afternoon Clubs

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5. 9. 2023

Events Calendar for school year 2023/2024

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4. 9. 2023

Welcoming new team members!

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28. 8. 2023

IGCSE results success

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26. 4. 2023

Financial support from Olomouc city

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13. 4. 2023

Tuition fees 2023-2024

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31. 3. 2023

Maths Day

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31. 1. 2023

Academic dates 2023/2024

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21. 12. 2022

Christmas Show 2022 at Šantovka theatre

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16. 12. 2022

Financial contribution to digitalization

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10. 10. 2022

Autumn Camp 2022

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6. 9. 2022

Events Calendar for school year 2022/2023

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9. 6. 2022

Hledáme: Asistent pedagoga v MŠ

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9. 6. 2022

Hledáme: Učitel/ka v MŠ

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23. 5. 2022

Academic calendars 2022/2023

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5. 5. 2022

Inspection report 'British School Overseas Standards'

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29. 1. 2022

Poetry Day 2022

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