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Annual Dinner 2018, a new exciting tradition will be organized every year...

by Petr Pospíšil

It was another very cold day at the beginning of December when Mr Petr and Lucimara were enjoying a cup of warm punch in the city centre. It was at this point that the idea to organize this new formal event was developed. One of the main reasons was to give all learners a proper event at which all would celebrate successes and achievements accomplished during the school year. In past years it was actually quite sad to see that when the winner of the house cup was announced, usually on the last day of school, quite a few children had already gone for summer holidays and could not enjoy this special event; the culmination of the personal development program at ISO.

So why not hold this celebration earlier and make it even better? Consequently all teachers collaborated in turning our gym into a posh dinner hall to enjoy a common end of school year dinner together. The result was even better than expected. Seeing all children dining in formal outfits, with ambient music gently humming in the background, was really something special.

During the event we had the opportunity to praise and reward all the academic, as well as personal achievements. We believe that all children and students felt special; as a direct result, we will carry forward this new tradition into the next years and will work on improving it even further.

We welcome any ideas on how to make this new tradition even better and how to improve the experience for all in the years to come.




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