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Annual Burns Night celebration and poetry event at ISO! Against all odds we organized another poetry competition at our school. This time online. Children were competing for house points. See results below.

This year has fundamentally changed the way we usually do things at our school but it has also taught us how to adapt faster to new circumstances. After a successful online "Halloween" party and the mini online Christmas movies our classes prepared, it was time for another event we are used to organising every year with so much care. Our annual slam poetry competitions have seen many amazing performances and original poems written by our students over the years and this year wouldn't be any different. We organised an optional online poetry competition across the school with the topic "My days in lockdown". The poems submitted were witty, and funny and gave the children a purpose: a chance to fight for House points again after almost a year. We loved seeing their immediate engagement and excitement in competing for their house! Below you can see the results of the competition per milepost: 



1st place (3 points) = Dominik Y4, FOXES

2nd place (2 points) = Sara Y4, WONKAS

3rd place (1point) = Jade Y3, WONKAS


1st place (3 points) = Rozarka Y6, FOXES

2nd place (2 points) = Filip Y6, MATILDAS

3rd place (1point) = Sofie Y6, MATILDAS


1st place (3 points) = Maksym, TWITS

2nd place (2 points) = Mihai, WONKAS


We will post some of the poems on our social media, so keep an eye out for these cool creations!

Next up, MATHS DAY!"

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