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Chemistry is a beautiful science

by Eva Pluskalova

At school Chemistry is often regarded as frighteningly difficult, and for some it is a veritable monster of a subject. However, that is not the case in our school. A motivational talk by Mr Jan Bilek, who is the author of many teaching resources for chemistry, proved to us that chemistry is not only a very useful science, but it can be fun too. During his double-lesson talk we learnt what elements, compounds and chemical reactions are. The last item was also demonstrated to us in a range of chemical experiments. A polystyrene plate dissolved and disappeared right in front of our eyes! We made artificial gold and real silver as well as lots of elephant toothpaste. We destroyed a gummy bear and it is unlikely that any one of us will ever eat one again (and if you too were a witness to the experiment, I believe none of you would ever eat a gummy bear again either). Despite the Year 5 and 6 students being able to understand only parts of the theory involved, the sample lesson was not only a fun experience for them but it also encouraged their interest in chemistry as a subject. The older students seemed to be well aware of the theory mentioned during the talk, which is an important form of feedback to us. This occasion has certainly not been the only time we have welcomed Mr Bilek in our school. We will be glad of future opportunities to learn something new in the next sample lessons. I believe that even you, our students’ parents, would like this form of chemistry teaching. After all, how many of us were lucky enough to be taught by a good chemistry teacher at school? And by the way, did you know that sodium can bark?

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