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Outcomes of the review of complaints about the meal provider Freshnack.

Dear parents,

Since we have received some complaints regarding the food provider for the school we have conducted our own investigation and we would like to inform you about the outcomes and decisions. We were informed that the company appeared in the insolvency register kept by the court, stating that the production of meals has moved to a different, unsuitable location and that there was an unexpected increase in the price.

In order to clarify all the above we have met with the owner of Freshnack (Mrs Valaskova) and conducted an inspection of the operations where the meals for the children are being produced. We also asked Mrs Valaskova to prepare a written statement to clarify some aspects in writing. Here are the outcomes:

Insolvency: This was an internal issue within the company when there was some delay with payment of salaries last year. The management had to let go of some employees who then they requested that the company be put on the insolvency register. Since the company dealt with all their debts the court closed the case cca 2 weeks ago.

Production of meals: Freshnack is now operating in a new location where they prepare all snacks and lunches. The location was visited by Mrs Pluskalova and Mr Pospisil. Generally, we found out that the health and safety standards are being followed but we have also identified certain risks that may have an impact on the quality of food. These, however, were not entirely critical. Freshnack is building a brand new kitchen that will be in operation most likely from January.

Price increase: For the whole of last year Mrs Valaskova, several times approached us with this request. Our position was firm and we wanted first, for the quality of meals to be improved. In order to measure the improvement we put in place last November the quality control terminal and have been regularly monitoring the outcomes- which were overall good. Since the beginning of this evaluation we have collected more than 8500 response out of which 63% percent were either very happy or happy. According to the written statement and evidence provided by the owner of the company it was obvious that the salaries and inputs were increasing quite considerably in the last three years.

To summarise: At the moment, we do not think that there are any critical health and safety hazards that may impact the quality of the food, yet certain shortcomings were identified and discussed with the owner. As for the price, we believe that it reflects the market price increase of the inputs for a fairly small production. However, taking into account the current situation and the issues the company has gone through, we think that the new price does not reflect 100% value for money. Though this is not directly linked to the quality of food but more to the quality of service provided. The company philosophy to use high quality ingredients is still being preserved. Due to all the above we have made a decision after three years of experience with Freshnack to conduct a formal tender for food provider with a decision to be made by the end of this calendar year.


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