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Health & Safety: First-Day Calls


by Petr Pospíšil

A couple of weeks ago BBC news featured the tragic story of teacher, Helen Daykin. In October 2016, Helen was working away from home when her husband, Chris, died suddenly whilst looking after their young children. After his sudden death from heart failure in the house, Helen's little girls, four and two, spent almost 24 hours with the body of their father.

The older girl had recently started school, and when she didn't arrive, the school rang their father, to no avail. Tragically, they didn't then follow up with a call to the girls' mother, 200 miles away in London. The alarm wasn't raised until tea-time when Chris' mother visited the home.

Helen is telling her heartbreaking story to raise awareness of the importance of first-day calls, and in maintaining an up-to-date record of two or three phone numbers which schools should phone when children do not attend.

You can read the full story here: 'The kids were left with my dead husband' (BBC)

I know some of you found it quite annoying when we repeatedly asked for personal data updates. We ask parents to fill in an application form and then early after the start we ask again for all parents to fill in the online form. At the beginning of each school year we also send an online personal data update form. Tiresome as this may appear, it is entirely necessary to keep our records up-to-date.

In addition, we are also preparing a review of our procedures for checking if all children who should be at school in the morning are where they should be.

***In order to avoid follow up calls, please, either send an email to your respective CLASS TEACHER or send an SMS to the school mobile phone 702 183 877 to excuse your child.

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