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Chemical Creations: Making Bath Fizzies!

by Csaba Toth

On a chill 5th of March, Year 6-8 marched onwards to Olomouc's science center Pevnost poznání, all the while chattering, gossiping, and singing with friends; happy, perhaps, to not be in class. The biggest rumor circulating was, "What would the science workshop be about?." The title was "To je bomba" or "It's a bomb!," and students had theories from mixing volatile chemicals, to playing with liquid nitrogen, and a myriad of other chemistry experiments that might have happened.

Upon arrival, and after settling into our workshops, students mostly became excited to learn that they would be making bath bombs or bath fizzies by hand, though a few wished for something with a little more of a bang! Such attitudes of scepticism were soon laid to rest by seeing what the final product could be: a sweet smelling, colourful bath bomb present for mothers and grannies for International Mother's Day later that week.

Students made both the bath bombs as well as the the richly (or simply) decorated boxes that they were placed in. The biggest lessons and comments from the students was that they learned better how to follow instructions. Throughout the processes of making the bath fizzies, numerous students had to repeat the process either because they had mixed the incorrect ratio of ingredients, or they had simply tried to rush the steps; however, in the end all students were able to calmly follow the instructions given by the workshop leaders and finish their bath bombs of lavender, cinnamon, citrus, and other lovely smells.

Hopefully many mothers received a bath bomb….a nice memory as a result of their child's gift to them of cinnamon, lavender, and citrus delights. In addition, as teachers, we cannot recommend highly enough to go and visit Pevnost poznání for not just the fun, but also the rich scientific experiments and historical exhibits led by caring staff.

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