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We began a new IEYC thematic unit

by Ladislava Livingstone

We began a new IEYC thematic unit Animal Rescuers in the preschool at the beginning of the month of January. Each of our thematic units, which always last around four weeks, begins with an entry point and always ends with the exit point, where we carry out a kind of summary of all of our activities and look at what we have learned, tried out and grown in acquaintance with in connection with the given theme. Our thematic unit Animal Rescuers Entry point is meant to be looking at protection of animals (soft toys), which the children first had to find in the spaces of the preschool and in the adjoining woods. The animals needed help as they were lost and cold, imprisoned in various traps, which they were unable to overcome. Our rescuers, who worked in teams (each team under the supervision of a main nurse, teacher) went about systematically looking for the hidden animals. Upon finding a wounded, scared animal, we learnt to always analyse the extent of the wound and to carefully bring it back to the treatment station (made up of the veterinarian corner in the Lions class), where we tried to treat the animal as carefully as possible and provide it with the suitable care and love. Over the course of the theme Animal Rescuers, the children are exploring four habitats – jungle, grasslands, polar regions and desert. Children are learning the names of the animals, their habits and ways of life. Thanks to the parents, the children had a great deal of fun playing roles in animal masks, which the parents helped them make. The cooperation between the parents and the preschool is always productive and we are already looking forward to the next thematic unit The Toy Shop, where we once again welcome the participation of the parents, in finding older, no longer used toys, which can be used in the thematic unit at the preschool.

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