iSchool is a private British school operating in Olomouc

We kindly ask all parents to read carefully these preventive measures. These measures have been adopted following the Czech education ministry advice for the beginning of the new school year.

Dear parents,

we would like to inform you about the school’s precautionary measures.

On arrival to school the children will wash and sanitize their hands thoroughly. During the day the school will be cleaned and sanitized several times. This will include not only the toilets but also all the surfaces, door handles and light switches. Also, once a day the school will carry out a thorough cleaning of the desks, chairs, computer keyboards etc. All the classrooms and toilets will have an antibacterial soap available as well as a non-rinse hand gel and paper towels. During the day the whole building and all the classrooms will be thoroughly aired.

Lunch will be served according to the regulations issued by the Ministry of Education. This includes the children not touching the cutlery and glasses with everything prepared for them by the dinner lady and the staff on duty.

Although wearing a mask covering is not compulsory at the moment, please make sure your child has one in their bag in case he/she started to show any symptoms of a respiratory infection. In case that happened, we are required to place the child in an isolation room where he/she is required to wear a face mask and stay inside the room awaiting your arrival. We need to stress the importance of not sending your children to school if they are not well. The School Operation Manual, which we are required to follow, specifies the procedure that needs to be adhered to by the school should any child show the symptoms of a respiratory infection. The following are the most important points included in the manual:

The school is not required to actively look for the symptoms of a respiratory infection in pupils. However, these symptoms should be paid attention to and if noticed, the following procedure needs to be used:

  • The symptoms are visible when the child arrives at school – if a legal guardian is present, the child is not allowed to enter the building.
  • The symptoms are visible when the child arrives at school and a legal guardian is not present – in this case the legal guardian needs to be informed immediately and the child must be picked up promptly. If this is not possible, the following needs to be done:
  • If the symptoms appear and are noticeable during the school day, the child must be supplied with a face covering and sent to an isolation room while a legal guardian is informed about the necessity to pick up the child immediately.
  • In all the above cases the school must inform the legal guardian about the need to contact the child's doctor who will then decide on the subsequent course of action.

Pupils or staff showing long-term symptoms of a chronic respiratory issue, including allergies, a cough or runny nose, are only permitted to come to school if they are able to present evidence showing their condition is not contagious.

We would like to kindly ask parents not to enter the school building during lesson time, with the exception of pre-arranged individual meetings with teachers or school management. If you visit the school please wear the face mask. Thank you.

I hope we have answered at least some of your questions. If you miss any information, please contact any member of our management. Thank you.

Why should your child attend iSchool?

They will gain perfect knowledge of English.

Your child will become a global citizen with wide understanding of local and international topics.

We put a strong emphasis on the development on subject specific skills rather than on acquisition of knowledge.

Emphasis on skills development (not just memorising).

Individual approach; school’s ability to motivate for improvement.

Your child will be excited to come to school.

School philosophy

You are not buying success, you are paying for the school to monitor your child’s progress to their goals and motivate them to fulfil their potential.

We are not a selective school: we believe that everybody can be successful.

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