iSchool is a private British school operating in Olomouc

The time has come to say goodbye to some of our amazing teachers...

Ms Elaine

Plans for next year: I will be moving back to Hanoi to work at an International school there. I'm looking forward to seeing some old friends, but will miss ISO and the wonderful teachers and children here! I certainly will not miss the Czech winter though :)

Favorite memories from ISO: The St. Patrick's day event really stands out as a great memory from my time at ISO. It was so amazing to see children from all over the world celebrating Irish culture, including our music, dance and sport. The effort the children and teachers put into their costumes was wonderful and it was a really enjoyable day for everyone.

Favorite memory with your specific classes/subjects: There were so many great moments! I especially enjoyed watching my ESL Year 2 and 3 children grow in confidence when speaking English. It is very rewarding to see them communicate so fluently with their friends and teachers and I'm sure they will continue to flourish in the years to come. I also particularly enjoyed a trip to the city center with my Year 7/8 Citizenship class, where we put our community studies into practice by carrying out a survey of local citizens. It was great to see the students interact so confidently with members of the community.

Farewell quote: 'Slán go fóill'...It's not goodbye, it's see you soon! Thank you for a wonderful year at ISO :)


Mrs Lucy

Plans for next year: I will take a sabbatical and travel to South America as well as Mediterranean Europe. Many people to visit and much to see and experience moving forwards.

Favorite memories from ISO: The best part of my stay in Olomouc over the past two years? I don’t have favourite memories, as such. These days favouritism is a word I try not to favour! As always for me, the children shine brightest, first and foremost.

Farewell quote: Parting is (not) such sweet sorrow. It is simply a parting along our many paths.

Mr Csaba

Plans for next year: I will be taking a year to teach for a US school in Germany.

Favorite memories from ISO: I had such a blast during the big events like the Christmas Show, Halloween, Sports Day, and Korean day; however, sports day has a special charm to me because of the community we had with other teachers, the Brno School, parents, and students.

Favorite memory with your specific classes/subjects: Wow, where to begin. For me perhaps the most outstanding memory was the preparation for the Christmas play with Y7/8. I did not know I had so many great actors in my class. It was a blast.

Farewell quote: I thank all of the students, parents, and colleagues I have met this year for sharing this time we had together. Thank you.


Mr Daniel

Plans for next year: Next year I will go to Hanoi, Vietnam, where I will be teaching a year 4 class in the Singapore International School. Feel free to visit!

Favorite memories from ISO: I really enjoyed working with the student council. I am confident they have made a big difference in the school. Over the course of the year, they ran events, had benches and bins installed outside, and most importantly acted as a voice for the other pupils. It was really nice to work with the staff at ISO. I learned a lot over the year and will always look back on this time fondly.

Favorite memory with your specific classes/subjects: I enjoyed our trip to the post office when we were sending Christmas cards to the children’s pen pals in Vietnam. We also had great fun on our trip to Prague, where we played Gaelic football. Overall, I enjoyed seeing the children develop over the course of the year. They developed new interests, some came out of their shell and everyone made a huge improvement.

Farewell quote: If you’re ever in Dublin (or Hanoi), give me a shout!

Why should your child attend iSchool?

They will gain perfect knowledge of English.

Your child will become a global citizen with wide understanding of local and international topics.

We put a strong emphasis on the development on subject specific skills rather than on acquisition of knowledge.

Emphasis on skills development (not just memorising).

Individual approach; school’s ability to motivate for improvement.

Your child will be excited to come to school.

School philosophy

You are not buying success, you are paying for the school to monitor your child’s progress to their goals and motivate them to fulfil their potential.

We are not a selective school: we believe that everybody can be successful.