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Read about SciLearn, a program created by neuroscientists to help pupils and students learn English.

Author: Monika Hrusková

ISO has established a partnership with Nuerasoft, a provider of the SciLearn online program. We would like to briefly introduce it to you, because we consider it an excellent tool for teaching English. Especially if your aim is to develop the perception of English as your mother tongue and improve pronunciation. SciLearn is not the usual online English course that you normally encounter, for example it looks a bit like a computer game, so it may be attractive for children to get points. The learning process enables them to learn by trial and error. The program  repeats what is necessary according to individual results. The correct answers then increase the level of difficulty. The student is able to advance at maximum speed, as the program adapts to each click. The program promises success mainly by creating an ‘English brain.’ For this reason, it focuses on training memory, concentrating and processing information in the brain, all- in English. It improves not only grammar but also pronunciation and understanding. The main pillars of the program are: brain preparation for English (processing the right phonemes), unique intensity, reading and pronunciation training ( using unique voice recognition technology). If you are interested in the program, you can look directly at the SciLearn website or contact Ms Monika ( Soon we will also share with you a presentation on the program prepared specifically for our school. If there is high interest for this program, we would consider implementing it within the school. 


Why should your child attend iSchool?

They will gain perfect knowledge of English.

Your child will become a global citizen with wide understanding of local and international topics.

We put a strong emphasis on the development on subject specific skills rather than on acquisition of knowledge.

Emphasis on skills development (not just memorising).

Individual approach; school’s ability to motivate for improvement.

Your child will be excited to come to school.

School philosophy

You are not buying success, you are paying for the school to monitor your child’s progress to their goals and motivate them to fulfil their potential.

We are not a selective school: we believe that everybody can be successful.