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The abbreviation stands for the Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning. Learn more!


This article will be an attempt to explain briefly the SEAL programme at ISO and explore whether this very British approach also has some parallels to the Czech national curriculum.

We introduced this programme several years ago in order to focus on important aspects linked to personal development for children. The abbreviation stands for the Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning and the programme was first published in 2005 by the Department for Education in the UK. The aim was/is to support schools in developing social, emotional and behavioural skills. It is a whole school approach targeted mainly towards primary children and consists of the following components:

Firstly, Curriculum content is organized into main topics such as “Going for goals” or “New beginnings”, highlighting specific knowledge and skills children should gain.

Secondly, the content is delivered through Monday assemblies and class teacher-led circle times. The assimilation of this content is reinforced through Gem sticker awards.

Finally, in order to measure success, we look at the number of gem stickers issued and request pupils to comment on how they feel about this programme.

To put this programme into the local context, parents may find it useful to recognize that  the Czech national curriculum has, since 2015, introduced an additional subject called “Ethical education”. This subject however is not a compulsory part of the school curriculum in Czech schools. The content also differs to some extent from SEAL but there are also clear links too.

Focusing on social and emotional aspects of learning has been a long tradition with international schools worldwide and we find  such tools as whole school assemblies and circle times extremely useful when putting the seal programme into practice.

To consolidate, It would help to reinforce these learning goals immensely if you (parents/carers) regularly discuss with your child the seal topics themselves and/or show interest in the weekly topics.

We would like to thank you in advance for choosing ISO as your school of choice and, as always, welcome any feedback you may have linked to this.    

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