iSchool is a private British school operating in Olomouc

From Wednesday 18 November, pupils in the Y2 and Y3 classes are again allowed to attend school daily. We look forward to seeing you next Wednesday. More detailed information below.

We are pleased to announce that in connection with the information issued by the Ministry of Education, pupils Y2 and Y3 will be returning to school from 18 November. There will be standard teaching according to the valid timetable, but without singing and physical education, which will, however, be replaced by the frequent stay of pupils outside. Unfortunately, the regulation also includes the obligation to wear face masks throughout the stay at school, ie not only in common areas, but also during classes. Be sure to bring your child a spare face mask (or two) with you in the bag so that he or she can replace it with a clean one during the day. The Ministry of Education recommends that schools emphasize the ventilation of classes, which will take place not only during breaks, but also during classes. Please kindly adapt the clothing to this and choose multi-layered sportswear instead. Unfortunately, due to the need to maintain the homogeneity of groups of students and to prevent contact between students from different classes, we cannot resume the activities of the school club and activities. The afterschool school club will therefore continue to serve only Y1 pupils. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. The school canteen works without interruption, so don't forget to click order your child's lunches in time.

Please note that on Monday, November 16, there will be no distance learning, lessons in Y1 and no substitute program for children from Y1. According to the school calendar, holidays are set for this day. For the older classes there will be still a distance learning programme in place after next Wednesday.

We hope that students of all grades will gradually return to our classes and that the operation of the school will be resumed in full.

Thank you for your support and cooperation during distance learning and we wish you health and joy in the success of your children.

Why should your child attend iSchool?

They will gain perfect knowledge of English.

Your child will become a global citizen with wide understanding of local and international topics.

We put a strong emphasis on the development on subject specific skills rather than on acquisition of knowledge.

Emphasis on skills development (not just memorising).

Individual approach; school’s ability to motivate for improvement.

Your child will be excited to come to school.

School philosophy

You are not buying success, you are paying for the school to monitor your child’s progress to their goals and motivate them to fulfil their potential.

We are not a selective school: we believe that everybody can be successful.

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