iSchool is a private British school operating in Olomouc

In toddlers group you can select from different type of attendance. We divide the school year into three terms. First term runs from September to Christmas, second from Christmas till Easter and the third from Easter till end of June.

TERM - full or half day attendance

If you are really busy you can select whole day (min. 6 hours) or alternatively half day (min. 3 hours) programme for the full term. Full term attendance will provide your child with a complete care and learning experience. This scheme is for children who are 2 years and older.

Full day programme

Full day programme per term 43 000 CZK / term

Half day programme

Half day programme per term 26 200 CZK / term

MONTH - full or half day attendance

If your child has not reached 2 years of age yet we offer a flexible scheme to assist you in care and development of your child. Great thing about this scheme is that at the end of each month you will only pay for the number of full (min. 6 hours) or half (min. 3 hours) day visits you used during the month.

For the monthly scheme there is only a limited number of places. In order to check availability for the full or half day visits, please, call us at least one day in advance. We are here to help.


Single full day visit 620 CZK
Single half day visit 370 CZK


We also award bursaries These awards are made on the basis that the parents will, promptly on each request, make a full and sufficient disclosure of their means supported by all necessary documentary evidence.

Summer Holiday Club

For our youngest students, we also offer a holiday club that runs in the first half of July. This gives the students an opportunity to spend more time with other children in a playful and nourishing environment of our school grounds.

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School philosophy

Everything that I really need to know, I learned in preschool
…R. Fulghum

and we do everything we can so that even the youngest children are happy with us.

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