iSchool is a private British school operating in Olomouc

Opening hours 7:00 - 16:30

Pre-nursery class: 'Little Lions' aged 2-3

Motto: First steps with excellent care.

Safe and caring environment for the youngest children. Lions experience gradual adaptation to their first social group outside of their family environment. Our pre-nursery class is for 2 to 3 year olds. Play based activities take place in a warm and creative environment supported by our qualified and kind staff.

Nursery class: 'Happy Hippos' aged 3-4

Motto:First Class Care for Your Child

Our nursery class is for children that are up to 4 years old in the given academic year. Children play games and take part in organised activities led by their teachers. Their english is naturally improved through song singing, poem learning and storytelling.

Reception class: 'Busy Bees' aged 4-5

Motto: Our international programme and preschool environment create the ideal conditions for multi-cultural development and ease of learning English for children.

Our reception class is for children that are up to 5 years old. The children will start developing their reading and Maths skills through game play. Reception slowly prepares children for the transition into Year 1. For this purpose, we use programmes such as Jolly Phonics, Oxford Reading Tree, Mathletics and Reading Eggs.

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School philosophy

Everything that I really need to know, I learned in preschool
…R. Fulghum

and we do everything we can so that even the youngest children are happy with us.

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Events Calendar for school year 2022/2023

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Academic calendars 2022/2023

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Inspection report 'British School Overseas Standards'

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Poetry Day 2022

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