iSchool is a private British school operating in Olomouc

The Lab Secondary 1 level is an important stage in child’s education. The aim of the programme at this stage is to offer children a wide range of subjects and learning experiences as they discover their interests and begin to think which subjects they would like to study further.

Besides English, Maths and Science the English National Curriculum subjects taught at this stage are:

  • Art
  • Music
  • History
  • Geography
  • Computing
  • Citizenship
  • Modern foreign language (Spanish)
  • Physical education
  • Personal, social, health and economic education
  • religious education

All these subjects are taught as discrete subjects with allocated time in a weekly schedule. In order to provide students with an exciting and stimulating learning, we take advantage of a range of extra-curricular opportunities that broaden the overall experience.

Building on the strengths of the International Primary Curriculum, our secondary curriculum also includes a range of cross curricular links helping children to develop understanding of the interdependence of relevant subjects.

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School philosophy

We support children and the increasingly challenging curriculum through various programmes. We believe that as a result of this approach, they will enjoy going to school every morning.

A particular favourite in our school is our IPC programme.

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Academic calendars 2022/2023

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Inspection report 'British School Overseas Standards'

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Poetry Day 2022

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