iSchool is a private British school operating in Olomouc

Monday assembly

Students start their week on Monday with a whole-school assembly at 7:45. Assemblies are focused on developing social and emotional skills and values. Sometimes, secondary students deliver these assemblies as we believe it is important for their development


Morning lessons mostly start at 7:55 (twice a week at 7:05) and usually consist of languages, Maths and Science


Students go outside to spend time in our spacious garden during their snack break and lunch break


Afternoon lessons start at 12:55 and consist of subjects in social studies, Art and Music and PE. For secondary students school finishes twice a week at 14:35, twice a week at 15:25 and Fridays at 13:50.

Extra-curricular Activities

Throughout the school year, plenty of extra-curricular activities are organized to support and enrich the curriculum. These may include ski camp, summer camp and various different trips and visits. Also, every school year, secondary school takes a trip to one of the European cities for a prolonged weekend break.

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School philosophy

We support children and the increasingly challenging curriculum through various programmes. We believe that as a result of this approach, they will enjoy going to school every morning.

A particular favourite in our school is our IPC programme.