iSchool is a private British school operating in Olomouc


We gather as a whole school for assembly on Mondays to discuss achievements and personal development topics.

Morning Classes

Our mornings consist of English, Maths, and Czech Classes (for Czech nationals. Some students study their own native languages, and some receive extra assistance if they are new to English (ESL).

Afternoon classes

In the afternoon, we study new skills and gather new knowledge in our IPC units of work, but we have PE once a week. Individually or in groups within small, mixed-ability classes pupils learn through carefully planned research and record activities.


Throughout the day, pupils have two snack breaks and a lunch break (outside when weather permits) so that we stay energized and active.

Golden and Circle Times

Throughout the week, we also celebrate good behavior with 15 minutes of “Golden Time” and we discuss important social, emotional, and behavioral topics during our “Circle Time”.

After School

Text displayed under title in box: The main learning programme finishes usually at 14.00. After that some children stay at school to attend After School Club or various school activities which usually run from 14.00 to 15.00.

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School philosophy

We will teach your child to read, write and count. While at iSchool, their English will become their second native language. (Brilliant, perfect..)

Teaching independent thinking, responsibility and learning support is just a cherry on top.