iSchool is a private British school operating in Olomouc

Entry Activity

Each theme is started with a specific activity that introduces the content taught in the particular theme. The aim is to motivate the students for the project.

Knowledge summary

Happens at the start of each theme and allows students to realise all they know already about the topic. This knowledge is then used by the teacher for following activities. The teacher can expand on this knowledge further, or can take an alternative approach and make the students think differently about the topic and justify their knowledge and opinions further.

Topic explanation

The teacher is actively encouraging the students to participate in this topic from the beginning and motivate them to want to learn more following by presenting the project topic as a whole.

Overall picture

Part of this module is a chapter with materials for teachers, in which they can find the specific learning objectives of each subject.


The most challenging and longest part of each project is the research conducted by the students on their own or in groups followed by writing up their research.


After research, students work on their findings via different methods. Through creating presentations, notes, speeches, discussions or other practical activities, students develop their skills and knowledge further. Through these activities, students show and share their findings and opinions,


This phase has two goals. Firstly, it allows students to remember learned content from one project to another and secondly, they can celebrate their project work.

How do we differ from local schools?

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School philosophy

We will teach your child to read, write and count. While at iSchool, their English will become their second native language. (Brilliant, perfect..)

Teaching independent thinking, responsibility and learning support is just a cherry on top.