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The Haunted House of Ghosts

Gracie was busily writing down her Maths homework, while her twin brother, Percy, was putting his werewolf costume on. 
“How much longer until we can go trick or treating?” he asked his sister.
“Soon,” replied Gracie. 
Both twins had blonde hair and sharp blue eyes, which they shared with their parents. Brushing back a lock of hair behind her ear, Gracie finished the final equation and got up to put her witch costume on. As soon as she let her hair loose out of the ponytail and put her witch hat on her head, the twins’ mother, Mrs. Scott, came in to apply some make-up on their faces.
“Hold still!” she said to Percy as she drew shadows under his eyes. “I want to make this realistic-looking.” Once she was done, Mrs. Scott leaned back to look at her handiwork. 
“You can both go,” she said warmly. “Take your trick or treat bags and be back before nine o’clock!” She hugged both of them and went back to her study room. Percy gave Gracie a trick or treat bag and both of them left the house.
“Which house should we go to first?” asked Percy.
“Let’s go to our neighbours first and then circle around the village,” suggested Gracie while fixing her witch hat so it sat up straighter on her head. 


The twins went off and rang the first doorbell of the evening. The door opened and an elderly lady smiled at them warmly. 
“Children! Welcome, welcome… Why don’t you pick a chocolate bar? They’re homemade!” 
The twins eagerly picked a bar and went to the next house. This continued until Gracie pointed out the last house. 
“That’s the only one we haven’t gone to, except our house,” she said. The house was old and abandoned. Some of the windows were smashed, and cobwebs stretched against the bannister of the front porch. However, light flickered inside the house like there was a fire or something.
“We should check it out,” said Percy, but he looked doubtful. “I mean, I guess it would be a great Halloween adventure, and totally cool!” 


The children approached the house carefully. Gracie nervously knocked on the door, which opened with an enormous creak. A huge jack o’lantern was in the middle of the room. The face was carved, bearing its teeth and smiling evilly. The candles inside of it flickered even more brightly. 
“Come on!” whispered Gracie and she beckoned to Percy. They looked around the room. There were two other doors, but they were locked. Suddenly the entrance door slammed shut. The twins jumped.
“Who shut the door?” whispered Percy, scared. 
“Not me,” replied Gracie nervously. “Look!” She pointed at a door that had not been there before. She reached out and opened it easily. 


But behind it was a ghost with the same face the jack o’ lantern had! Gracie screamed and shut the door. Percy tugged at the door they had entered from, but it wouldn’t budge. The ghost opened the door and glided over smoothly to the twins, who screamed, if possible, even louder.
“Open the door, open the door!” shrieked Gracie. Percy pulled and pushed, but nothing worked. The ghost went over to the jack o’lantern and blew at it. The room went pitch black. 
Not being able to see anything, the twins couldn’t know where the ghost was. Gracie fumbled for her flashlight and turned it on, then pointed it in front of her to see the ghost! Percy yanked Gracie away and the two backed away with the light fixed onto the ghost.
“What do you want?” whispered Gracie. The ghost shook its head, looking concerned.
“What does it want? What does it want?” asked Percy as he shook his sister. The ghost somehow opened the escape door, and when he did so, moonlight flooded into the room. He nodded at the twins and reached into his pocket, and took out two candies in the shape of ghosts and offered it to Gracie, who nervously took them. The ghost nodded again and gestured at the exit. Percy went through at once, but Gracie hung back.
“Who are you?” She had to know. The ghost pointed at its throat and shook its head.
“You can’t speak!” realised Gracie. The ghost nodded and handed her an envelope, then vanished. The door was about to close but Percy reached out and grabbed it, so Gracie slipped through.
“The ghost gave me this, and it can’t speak,” said Gracie, and showed Percy the letter, but it wasn’t in her hand! 
“What? But I didn’t drop it-”
“Envelope? Ghosts are giving out envelopes now?” Percy looked confused. “Where did you drop it?”
“I didn’t drop it, but- oh! Remember that weird letter from earlier today?” The twins gasped and ran home, ignoring their mother’s questions and found the envelope on the kitchen counter. Gracie tore it open to find only a short passage:


Find the treasure in the house, but don’t go in at night, it’s too dangerous! 
Make sure that you don’t meet the creature! 

Good luck,

                                           Peter Green


“Mom? Who’s Peter Green?” asked Percy.
“Peter Green? Why, he passed away years ago!” exclaimed Mrs. Scott. “He once went home, into his own house and never came back out!” 
The twins looked at each other fearfully…




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